De Gym, 2014

2 rooms:
Hallway > Chickentube: Mdf, wood (cherry), nettings, hinges, locks, black and lila paint, 3 yellow wires, 3 daylight lamps, 2 hens, perspex, straw
Main venue > Eierrestaurant: Wood, plastic, tables, chairs, fluorescents, yellow and lila paint, 8 staff members, staff pictures, staff clothing, frying machine, some performing poets & musicians.

During the Easter period we opened an Egg-restaurant at de Gym. The Chickentube was the first thing visitors saw when they entered the building. People (and dogs) sat in front of the round perspex window for long periods of time, just watching what the hens would do. In the restaurant room we made egg-only dishes of the eggs they laid (mostly eggballs; a world-famous dish from the North of the Netherlands). The people who visited became part of the installation (as well as the creators), which in that sence made it a social sculpture, but with the volatility of nowaday culture. After 3 days we closed the restaurant.

Co-created with: Karina Bakx, Philippe Wolthuis, Gijs Deddens, Wabbesch, Manon Maring, Anne-Nynke Knol and Rik Möhlmann.